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Get Well, God’s WAY!


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I will tell you what I have been doing to get well..and its working..with the doctors help..
I’m adding photo’s and some information I hope it will help you..some medicines cover up pain, doesn’t get rid of inflamation and when the pill wears off the pain is back..so I been trying with my diet and it will take longer cause our bodys need to know its going to be healthy. The first step is water..always water..drink up to 60 ounces or more aday..get bottled the 16.9 ounces so you can have one with each meal and one in the morning when you get up with coffee..I drink water with my coffee so I can rehydrate cause caffeine will dehydrate..or green tea is the best.
Fruit and veggies are so important and fiber and protein..veggies you can eat all day..fruits like for breakfast and oats..fruits we need the…

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