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Not because the bus stops, you should get on it


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What a Great lesson!

Walter Bright

My destination was Hayward, but my transit stop was Oakland. I decided to take Greyhound to Oakland, than the train to Hayward because I didn’t want to drive. After waiting for at least two hours, I stepped toward the side door of the bus and handed my ticket to the driver. He ushered me on the bus barely glancing at my ticket. I got in my seat, put my earphones over my ears, closed my eyes, and three hours later I was in Reno.

I was furiously boiling inside, to fine myself in Reno and not Oakland, but kept my cool. The bus driver apologized for not looking intently at my ticket and offered a six hours drive on another bus heading to San Francisco. It was a drive that would take me from Reno, back through Sacramento en route to San Francisco. I promptly declined and asked for a…

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  1. What an honor… thanks for sharing this here.

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