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Rainbow of Blessings


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Thoughts From An American Woman

“Do everything without complaining and disputing” Philippians 2:14

Ok, how many of us complain? Show of hands.  Mine are raised…are yours?

Since September one thing after another has gone wrong and I am left alone to handle it all.  I can make a list of everything starting from taking the car to the garage 4 times with a 5th time schedule in Jan, and everything from minor home repairs to appliances breaking down, but then I would not just be telling you I would be complaining about it.

As I was in my “depths of despair” {Anne of Green Gables} God sent me a message in my daily devotional.  I read it last week but it was for the day of November 22 – with everything going on I am a few weeks behind in my devotional book.  But I know, had I read it on Nov 22 it would…

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  1. Patty B says:

    Thank you for the reblog – may our hearts always be full of Gods blessings and not our complaints!

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