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BEATEN, TOSSED AND THROWN – or unwanted and discarded


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battered beauty

battered 1On the coast of Pescadero, California is the famous Pebble Beach where the waves dash with a ceaseless roar, hurling stones against the rugged rocky outcrops, thundering them onto the beach, tossing them and grinding them together, over and over.  This continues day and night, every day and every night. Tourists from all over the world gather the beautiful, rounded, polished stones for ornaments and prized jewellery.

battered 2Just next to the famed Pebble Beach is another “pebble beach.”  In this quiet cove, a towering cliff breaks the force of the dashing waves, which play gently along the shore.  There is the same abundance of stones but they are unsought and unwanted.

What makes the difference?

They have escaped the turmoil and the beating of the waves.  They haven’t suffered the grinding of being tossed and thrown, so they are rough and angular and devoid of beauty.


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